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It is Monalisa’s Natasha and Rose Ndauka’s turn now.

While the Great Day season is getting worse, Bongo Movie artists are increasingly reciprocating the film

on the map by showing the films of the Great Day, through TV Stations on your home.


The films have been shown last week in a deliberate effort to put Bongo Movie in a beautiful chart and

watched by many Tanzanians who like to watch home films as well as neighboring countries.

This Thursday at 3:40 pm via the ST Swahili channel “Umuhimu wako” Isha that brings together Rose

Ndauka, Yvonne Cherry (Monalisa) and Mama Natasha (Natashamamvi) will be flying for the first time.


The film refers to one daughter and a young man but each of them has a journey and a different history

that he has experienced in his life. The boy gets turbulently trying to stand again after his wife dies and

leaves two children for him.


On the other side; The daughter is faced with a challenge for her parent’s father who sees her daughter

as a monk, these two enter into a relationship while facing their challenges. Later they relieved after

their neighbors helped them, married and lived happy lives.


Other films that will be a weekend are “German” on Friday and ‘10 million on Saturday, these comedy

films have created the Comedians such as Ringo and Mau Fundi.

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