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Michael Owen’s statement is said to confuse Pogba and Mourinho

After having a bench for two consecutive Man United matches, Paul Pogba got a chance to start in the

UEFA Champions League match to conclude the Man Unitec Championship against Valencia, a game

that ended with Manchester losing 2-1.


Not having a chance to play for the last two matches and his tension with several days with his coach

Jose Mourinho, is still increasingly claiming that Paul Pogba under Mourinho should separate them

from one, former Man United player Michael Owen who is currently a football analyst. explained that

Pogba is one of the best players in the world.



Owen gave a statement indicating that Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho does not know how to

use Paul Pogba and that is why he loses a charge but if Pogba would have a chance to play Pep

Guardiola’s Man City or Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool then he would be one of the best players in the world .

“I am sad to see him better than what we see every week he is out of the field, largely on his side, I don’t

think how the team plays or the coach uses him to get something better from him, If Pogba would be

playing under Guardiola or Klopp or other coaches then he would be among the best players in the world

“> Michael Owen


Paul Pogba returned to Man United for the second time in 2016 from Juventus of Italy for a transfer fee

to reach 100 million pounds but for several months now he has been called out of a compromise with his

coach Jose Mourinho but fans and soccer analysts criticize Mourinho how they used the player that.

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