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The history of the first African woman pilot has ever flying a Dreamliner

Pilot Irene Koki Mutungi was born in 1976 with all her parents as Kenyans, her parent’s father has been

a licensed pilot with a commercial airline while working with Kenya Airways at the time, Koki studied

Moi Girls Nairobi and subsequently graduated from 1992 when she was 17 years old. Went to

airplane training.



Koki began to study airplane at Wilson Airport in Nairobi where she graduated and obtained a private

airline license but she continued with Oklahoma City airline training in the United States and

subsequently succeeded in obtaining a license for commercial airline (passenger) and aviation

authorities. US FAA.


Irene Koki Mutungi returned to Kenya in 1995 from the United States and earned employment in

Kenya’s Kenya Airways (Kenya Airways) where she worked as the first pilot woman in the country, a

record that she lasted for six years after Kenya to find another female pilot.


In 2004 Irene was able to get a licensing airline license and set a record for the first African female pilot

to get a commercial aircraft, after successfully operating the Boeing 737 aircraft, later Boeing 767 and

subsequently qualified to drive Dreamliner Boeing 787, his employers April 15 2014 announced her as

the first woman to fly Dreamliner Africa.

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