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The people who raped students and demanded money have been brought to the court

Samoni Kisuguta Businessman (28) and Student of the Land Academy, Anna Mwaisumo (23) have been

brought to the Kisutu Magistrate’s Court with four charges including a rapist (name saved) and

demanded money from them.


The defendants who are alleged to have been acquitted by the State Attorney, Mr Kombakono in front of

the Resident Magistrate, Ally Salum where allegedly their first mistake is to conspire to act on a different

date with the area in 2017 to commit a criminal offense and earn money.


Kombakono advocate has said that another offense is a regime where allegedly committed the December

10,2017 at the Guest House in Dar es Salaam where they claimed the Artist (Saved Name).


Another error is transmitting sex photos, where the accused allegedly October 7,2018 the Dar es Salaam

city sites published through WhatsApp’s sexually explicit groups (Name Saved) while knowing it against

the law.


The defendants are also faced with a charge of demanding money to distribute sexually explicit images,

where allegedly committed on November 13, 2018 while in Dar es Salaam where they earned

Shs.250,000 cash from the artist to avoid exposing her sexually assaulted images.


After the allegations, Kombakono’s attorney said the investigation was not complete when the accused

denied the allegations. The court gave the accused the terms of the guarantee that the two sponsors will

sign the Lindi Five Bound, but they did not fulfill it.

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