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Wenger advised Zidane to go to work in England, because?

Former Arsenal Club coach Arsene Wenger has advised former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane that

if he wants to be a top coach, he must go to England to teach soccer clubs.


Zidane from Aachene and Real Madrid in May has not yet been registered with any other club than

wanting to relax but has been said that he is going to joining the Man United club which is taught by

coach Jose Mourinho but has not been a good result recently.



“England is the only country where there are six clubs that all have the ability to win the Championship,

for all countries in December you can fully know what team is going to win the Champions League but

not England, France in September just know what team will be the Champions League “> Arsene



Wenger’s statement comes out to indicate that Zidane is going to England is the place he will be

challenged but the other League is not competitive and easy to predict champion who will be the first

time, Zidane left Real Madrid in May after setting up Real Madrid to win UEFA Champions League three

times in a row .

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